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Review and order the Varicella titer or other titer test(s) that are right for you.

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Visit one of many lab locations and they will draw your blood for the Varicella titer.

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What is Varicella?

Varicella is a disease that is also known as the Chickenpox or Chicken Pox. Varicella is caused by a type of herpes virus called the Varicella-Zoster virus. It is easily spread through droplets.

What is a Varicella Titer?

The Varicella Titer, also known as the Varicella Zoster Titer and VZV Titer, is a blood test that checks if your immune to Varicella. The Varicella titer antibody level helps assess whether your immune system can respond to an infection with this disease.

Why might I have antibodies to Varicella?

Some people have had a Varicella infection before and developed detectable Varicella titer antibodies that way. Other people have developed Varicella immunity through receiving the Varicella vaccine series when they are young and/or receive vaccine boosters as adults. As a consequence of either vaccination or prior exposure, people develop IgG antibodies to Varicella that provide immunity if they are exposed to the disease.

Why might I need a Varicella Titer?

When someone is a healthcare worker or student working in a healthcare setting, a Varicella titer is often required to prove immunity to this disease. This is in case the person is exposed to the disease in the healthcare setting. A Varicella Titer is often required by services such as RepTrax and Vendormate for hospital compliance.

How much does a Varicella Titer cost?

At most labs and hospitals, a Varicella titer test can typically cost hundreds of dollars.

I don't have a doctor or insurance. How can I get a Varicella titer?

Varicella titer tests can be expensive. We would recommend ordering through Accesa Labs: